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ALNOOR Consulting is a Syrian for General Trading firm, based in Damascus, created in 2008,with the purpose of responding to the rising needs to multi-dimensional consultancy services in to the government, public, private sector local and international NGOs.
ALNOOR Consulting was established by a group of experts who have both local and international experience in different areas including development and implementation of applied alternative energy and water treatment related technical solutions, designing and implementing socio-economic analysis and management consultancy.
The firm adopts an innovative and dynamic approach to solution development, focusing on building upon accumulated experience and knowledge, on tailoring upon the needs of an ever changing and diverse context and multi-layered partnering with the relevant stakeholders.
The crisis in Syria, that began in 2011 had catastrophic socioeconomic impacts on Syria and consequently implied a new set of future scenarios and needs which imposed on all related stakeholders to adopt a two levels approach in all interventions, Emergency and Medium Term levels.

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